Warranty Info

Here at Aazzee's we understand that when a part leaves our facility, the job is far from done.

This is the main reason for our outstanding warranty options and exceptional quality control. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and expect to see you returning for your auto parts needs for years to come.

Most of our parts come with a standard 60 day warranty. If you need more peace of mind, we also offer extended warranty coverage on our most requested parts. We strive for your complete satisfaction and if a problem arises we will go out of our way to make it right by you.

3 Year Limited Parts Only Warranty
  • This warranty covers your parts for the duration of 3 years from original purchase date.
5 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty
  • This is our most popular warranty and covers your parts for the duration of 5 years from original purchase date, and labor to replace it should it fail.
2 Year Limited Parts AND LABOR Warranty (Commercial/Fleet/Off-Road Only)
  • This warranty covers your parts for the duration of 2 years from original purchase date, and the labor to replace it should it fail. This warranty is available only for 3/4 ton pickups, 1 ton pickups, and commercial applications.

See limited warranty terms and conditions for complete details.

Warranty claims are made right here, in house, and not through some 3rd party insurance company that may give you a hard time making a claim. We try to make our warranty claim process as convenient as possible and we understand it's an inconvenience for you. Being without a vehicle for any period of time is a hassle, so expediting this process is a priority for our staff. We, like you, want to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, our extended warranties are not offered on all of the parts we handle. If you have any questions about our warranties please contact any one of our sales staff for clarification. Extended warranty claims are subject to our Warranty and Return Terms and Conditions.

Note to Wholesalers and Brokers

It is important that our Terms and Conditions be disclosed to your customer. Our warranties are only binding with the original purchaser. As a wholesaler or broker of Aazzee's Auto Salvage parts any claims will be processed through your company as the original purchaser, not your customer. Be sure you've diagnosed the reason for original part failure. We're depending on you as much as your customer. Replacing or repairing misdiagnosed problems is not cost effective for any party involved. You must contact Aazzee's Auto Salvage before disassembling or repairing any part purchased from our facility. Professional repair estimates may be necessary prior to our decision whether or not to repair, replace or refund a defective part. Disassembled or repaired parts prior to written authorization from Aazzee's Auto Salvage will void your warranty. Parts from our facility are drained of fluids and filters are removed. Manufacturer specifications and procedures must be followed during installation. There are many components that may need to be flashed or reprogrammed prior to operation. Failure to comply with manufacturer procedures, manufacturer fluid specifications or electrical reprogramming will void the warranty.

Warranty and Return Details

Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions

Our Standard Limited Parts Only Warranty term is 60 days from date of original purchase. The installation date is insignificant and has no bearing on our warranty. Discounted, replaced or repaired parts do not extend your limited warranty. Our Standard Limited Parts Only Warranty and 3 Year Limited Parts Only Warranty, are both, parts only warranties and we are not responsible for labor. Labor coverage at a rate of $50.00 per hour Mitchell R&I (Remove and Install) time is only offered with our 5 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty and our 2 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty (Commercial/Fleet/Off-Road Only). Extended warranty coverage can only be purchased at the time of the original sale. Extended warranties are expressed on the original invoice included with the line item covered.

It is your responsibility as the purchaser to inspect parts for safety hazards or defects that may exist with the parts you've purchased, an expert may be necessary for this inspection, in which case we are not responsible for any inspection costs. Aazzee's Auto Salvage affirmatively states that all parts sold may have safety hazards.

3/4 ton pickups, 1 ton pickups, fleet vehicles and other commercial vehicles are limited to our Standard 60 Day Limited Warranty and our 2 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty. Off-road, implement and non-traditional OEM use vehicles including but not limited to mud trucks, farm trucks, and race/high performance vehicles are not eligible for any warranty whatsoever at our sole discretion.

Many of our parts may come with external accessories (e.g. sensors, filters and modules) , but the accessories are only left for protection of the main part. These accessories are not covered in your warranty and are in no way implied functional or guaranteed compatible with your vehicle. Any and all accessories that were not removed from the main part require careful inspection at minimum. Although we highly recommend these accessories be replaced as they may not be functional or interchangeable. Warranty is void if required fluids, seals, gaskets and filters are not replaced prior to installation or operation. Parts are not guaranteed for external fluid leaks, and the recommend seals and gaskets should be replaced as part of the repair, including intake gaskets.

Warranty claims must be made by original purchaser and are non-transferable. Additional costs are not covered by any warranty (unless the 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty was purchased), including but not limited to professional diagnosis, rental vehicles, lodging, towing, roadside recovery, loss of time, fluids and filters. Our parts are warrantied under normal use conditions, so improper maintenance, neglect, abuse or accidents will void warranty. If overheat tab indicators are removed, altered or melted warranty is void. Our warranties only apply to the parts installed on the vehicle it was originally purchased for. Our warranties do not cover any damages caused by our products.

Aazzee's Auto Salvage reserves the right to inspect the installation of any parts purchased from our facility prior to any refund, discount or replacement. We are not responsible for any transportation costs to get the vehicle to our facility for inspection. Expense of returning parts is the responsibility of the purchaser. Aazzee's Auto Salvage's Return Policy Terms and Conditions apply to all warranty claims.

Return Policy Terms and Conditions

Aazzee's Auto Salvage reserves the right to replace defective parts. Any part pulled from the yard and sold for $30.00 or less, before tax and core charge, is non-returnable. Accepted returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and the following conditions must be met:

  • The part must be returned within 30 Days of original purchase.
  • The original invoice must accompany any replacement or return.
  • The part must be identifiable as purchased from our facility with our marking.
  • The part was not altered, disassembled or overheated.
  • The part was not a special order, electrical module, body part, glass or special body cut.
  • The part is in the same condition as when sold and is subject to inspection prior to refund.
Refunds will be made in the same form as original payment, unless the original payment was cash, in which case refund payment will be made by check.

Core Returns and Deposits

Returned core must be drained of all fluid and complete as when sold. Core must be in rebuildable condition and is subject to inspection. Cores with broken or cracked housings, housings with worn cases, broken integral mounts, damaged bosses, incomplete assemblies and disassembled assemblies are common reasons for unapproved cores (partial credit may made in certain cases). Payment by check, for an approved core, will be made upon completion of inspection within 30 days. If the core you returned is not approved, you will be contacted and have 10 business days to pick it up, if not picked up we will dispose of the unit as we see fit. If an unapproved core returned is unwanted, we may give you the option to leave the core at our facility at little or no cost to you depending on the circumstances.

Deposits or full payments made on special order parts or prepaid special pulls are non-refundable. If parts are not picked up within 30 days of intake, all deposits will be forfeit. Aazzee's will reclaim any parts not picked up and either return them to our inventory or recycle them at our discretion. Please keep in mind special order parts are unable to be returned to our vendors and are likely to be recycled at the end of the 30 day pickup period. So please pickup your parts, we don't like these situations.

Engine Warranty Terms and Conditions
Standard Engine Limited Warranty Information

Thank you for choosing Aazzee's Auto Salvage for you recent engine purchase. In purchasing an engine from Aazzee's Auto Salvage, you are in agreement with our warranty and understand the installation terms and conditions. The engine you've purchased comes with a standard 60 day warranty from the date of purchase (unless an extended warranty was purchased). This warranty is a parts only warranty and we are guaranteeing only the engine you've purchased (unless labor warranty was purchased). We are pleased to be your choice for a used parts provider, but are not responsible for any labor (unless labor warranty was purchased), rental vehicles, fluids, seals or gaskets. This warranty and the interchange on this engine absolutely DOES NOT include but is not limited to intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, oil pan, harmonic balancer, flywheel/flex plate, valve covers, timing covers, water pump, injectors, injector pumps, distributor, throttle body, ignition coils, supercharger/turbocharger, spark plugs, modules, sensors, relays, seals of any kind, frost plugs, intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets, water pump gasket, thermostat, timing components, any and all other external bolt/clip on parts are not warrantied or guaranteed interchangeable by Aazzee's Auto Salvage. Any and all non-warrantied parts must be inspected for damage prior to install, and also to ensure interchangeability. The engine you've purchased is guaranteed interchangeable as a long block only and Aazzee's Auto Salvage is not responsible for the cost of transferring parts or installation of gaskets, seals, etc. You are responsible for changing wiring harnesses, induction, injection system, exhaust system, oil pan, harmonic balancer etc. as needed, these and all other labor costs must be discussed and agreed upon by the purchaser and the mechanic before installation.

Standard Engine Installation Information

Aazzee's Auto Salvage REQUIRES the following components be replaced prior to installation.


Aazzee's Auto Salvage HIGHLY RECOMMENDS the following components be replaced prior to installation.


Research technical service bulletins for known problems or high failure rate components before installation. Failure to replace a high failure rate component, even if not listed in the "required" or "highly recommended" components lists may void your warranty at the sole discretion of Aazzee's Auto Salvage. Again, all other bolt on component, sensors, seals and gaskets MUST be inspected for damage and interchangeability prior to installation. Be sure the entire COOLANT SYSTEM is in good working condition, including but not limited to the RADIATOR, COOLING FANS, WATER PUMP, BELTS and THERMOSTATS. Be sure to FLUSH OR REPLACE OIL COOLANT LINES AND OIL COOLERS to factory recommendations. Be sure to FLUSH OR REPLACE THE RADIATOR and use new coolant. Failure to do so may result in damage to the engine and will void the warranty. All engines are heat tabbed to ensure the engine has not been overheated, if the heat tabs are not present, been removed or are melted the warranty is void. Be sure to inspect and ensure proper functionality of your EXHAUST SYSTEM including CATALYTIC CONVERTERS. Be sure to inspect and ensure proper functionality of your AIR INTAKE SYSTEM, VACUUM SYSTEM and VACUUM LINES, check for any possible leaks. Be sure to inspect and ensure proper functionality of your complete FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM including but not limited to injectors, fuel pumps, fuel delivery lines and fuel pressure regulators. This list of common problems that may cause engine failure or improper engine function should all be inspected and ensured for proper functionality prior to operation of the engine, failure to do so may void your warranty. CHECK ENGINE LIGHT should not be on once engine is installed and operational. If the check engine light is on, there is a problem, and needs to be addressed before further operation. Failure to resolve check engine light problems prior to operation, may void the warranty, as the problem may have affected engine functionality. All engines are stamped and marked by Aazzee's Auto Salvage. Aazzee's Auto Salvage reserves the right to inspect, at our location, the installation of this engine. We are not responsible for any vehicle transportation or towing of your vehicle to our location if necessary. We are not responsible for any freight or delivery charges for the transportation of this engine if necessary. We are not responsible for rental vehicles. Again, in purchasing an engine from Aazzee's Auto Salvage, you are in agreement with our warranty and understand the installation terms and conditions.